Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Part 6 - "Via"

Rachael checked her watch one last time, and started to give herself a good pinch just to be sure.

The little man said to her, "alas this is no dream; and you’ll not find liberation through waking. Do you find yourself frequently talking with small people in your dreams?"

She smiled ruefully, "if you start dancing I'm leaving, my life resembles a David Lynch film too closely as it is." Then she sat down, and still looking at him, asked in a soft voice, "so you are neither surprised by the recent turn of events, nor unprepared for our journeying together? So, what... I'm supposed to hunker down, join the fray, petition Charon and struggle to cross this nouveau river, ignoring the fact that I'm not in Topeka anymore?" Then almost screaming, "where is the airport little man? Things like this ONLY happen in dream! And where the hell am I?"

The little man chuckling began,
"Thus her first step. Characteristically, she sits when asked to stand;
shaking her Olympian brow, she scorns her invitation to the dance.
Reluctant to join in pursuit of the banners, though pursued by wasps; and gnats that gnaw
Shall we wait then my lady for ignoble prods to thrust us forth
until your own mind, recumbent, lurches up to shout ,‘This cannot be!’?"

Nate paused his oration. "What are you doing?" he inquired curtly.

Rachael was still looking at her watch.


Mufane sniffed as she drove off. "It's OK," She thought pressing her tongue against the roof of her mouth, and biting the sides that pressed out between her teeth, "Rachael's going to be OK. She's fine." The entire drive home, Mufane found herself poised between guilt and hope.

"How'd it go, Muffy?" Elizabeth asked, as Mufane wallked through the door.

"Package delivered, Liza," Mufane grumbled and sat down on the floor. "We have a lot of work to do, if we're going to pull this off," she continued.

"So tell me, what's wrong?" Khepri inquired, "you need to tell us if there were any ... difficulties."

"No," Mufane sobbed, "I just hate this. I hate the deception, I hate the role I'm playing in it, I...I hate me."

"Ohhh Honey," Elizabeth sighed, "you know that mom said, there must be an innocent among us - 'The pure one shall find him, but not know.'"

"Its just all these lies. Being innocent and being profoundly misguided by the ones you love is not the same thing." Mufane continued.

Kephri nodded and shrugged. "I empathize with your situation, Fannya; you love Rachael, and have chosen the path of understanding, but you must keep her, off kilter. Your role in our circle conflicts with the path you have chosen in life.

Elizabeth smiled, "you can't stand the fact that you have to play the new-age flake. Miss careful consideration, you'd prefer to be the informed hero."

Mufane just rolled her eyes, and then giggled half-heasrtedly,"I told her to call me when Elizabeth arrives, and that I'd answer the phone if the stones allowed."

Elizabeth chortled, "that's almost as good as the time she found out that Scott shot himself after you misguidedly invested all your money in Enron."

"No, no, James left, because of the money thing. Scott shot himself because I had to divine each step..." Mufane corrected.

"Have you heard from him? ... Scott, that is?" Kephri asked, "I sometimes wonder how he is."

"Kephri , I'm sure he's gotten over the fact that you shot him," Elizabeth repied.


"Yes! Dream sign! The watch still says 5:03" Rachael began humming to herself.

"Did you ever consider that your mechanical device will not work here?" the man’s small high voice sputtered. "Look, what is wrong with you? is this your modus operandi for coping with the oddities in your life? I know you have had more than a few interesting experiences in your life, considering your parents…"

Rachael gave him a scathing look. "I'm trying to summon my magic falcon to carry me out of here, and find Liz. I will you away."

The little man gave her a sideways glance.

"I will you away," Rachael repeated, furrowing her brow in concentration.

"You know, we can do this as long as you wish," the man calmly advised, "it will never get dark, not here."

Rachael sat there in lotus for a long time. Nate seemed to stare off.

Suddenly Rachael opened her eyes, stretched her legs slowly and grimaced, "You don't understand, this has to be a dream."

"And what, may I inquire, leads to this certainty?" posited the man.

Rachael’s eyes filled with tears, "it has always been a dream. I have been having these dreams about this place since I was a child. What do you think inspired me to pursue Oneiromancy in the first place?" She looked up at the eternal grey sky. "So, we are here. This isn’t dream. I’m dead? Did Stoner crash the car, and I’ve already made the transition? It’s not fair." Rachael lamented. "I hope she’s suffering, maybe a broken rib or something." She groaned.

Nate looked a bit perplexed. "Wait no-one has told you anything? Nothing?" The small man clucked and turned his outsized eyes towards her. "Well, that sets a whole new spin on everything."

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